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BlockProgram is a content filter software.

BlockProgram is a professional new generation Internet filter for parents and science teachers, designed for children computers protection from unwanted content in the Internet by means of keywords recognition and network traffic blocking.

The distinctive feature of this filter is its ability to block profanity, swear words and expressions (numbering more than 9500) on any websites, internet browsers and programs, while leaving intact the main content. Moreover, the content filter BlockProgram doesn't use a banned URL database and blocks webpages and pornographic material by keywords recognition (numbers more then 3500), thereby blocking 99.999% of such Web sites and pages. In view of the fact that millions new sites "for adults" and anonymizers (web-proxy) arise in Internet every month, keywords blocking is evident advantage over other Internet filters. BlockProgram doesn't interfere with parents' and teachers' work, doesn't limit a child's communication (eg, social networks), but at the same time doesn't let the unwanted content appears in the computer. The main BlockProgram goal is unwanted content blocking and parental control of child's computer.

BlockProgram functions:

BlockProgram is meant:

  • for child's a and home computer protection from the internet profanity and from accidental browsing the adult websites and relevant content;
  • for parental control of child's computer;
  • for blocking access to unwanted website on the organizations' and firms' computers;
  • for impacting cultural communication skills to organizations' and enterprises' employees;
  • for ban the access to any Windows applications or to servers and Internet sites;
  • for protection and control of the computer network with their Internet access in schools and educational institutions with the IT teacher's administrating;
  • for looking through the Internet visits history as screenshots for the parental control;
  • for browsing locks' history as screenshots to analyze the work statistics of BlockProgram;
  • for protection the devices for receiving feedback in museums and cultural and art institutions;
  • for protection and control the computers in the computers clubs by a system administrator.

BlockProgram advantages:

  • Easy and simple to install and customize;
  • Simply and effective set for parental control;
  • AutoRun the program in the time of Windows load;
  • Perfectly covert work for all users on the computer;
  • Keywords dictionaries created by professional linguists during project foundation. At present dictionaries are filled by program users. Total vocabularies volume at present makes over 14,000 words and phrases from different languages;
  • A unique algorithm to recognize and block profanity. At present the swear words dictionary contains over 8600 words and expressions;
  • BlockProgram can't be avoid with anonymizers and https proxy (blocking by keyword);
  • It isn't necessary to connect with the server for the work;
  • No need to remember passwords because there are security features in Windows;
  • Minimal CPU load;
  • Real reviews and users' recommendations;
  • Possibility to get a free activation code ( q.v. Contacts section…);
  • Ready for new networks and new technologies (IPv6 и IPsec).

System requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1;
Platforms: x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit).

Download BlockProgram.

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